17 Jun 2010 @ 16:18 

We have arrived in Buea, Cameroon. When we got here it was around 29C about 94F or so (I didn’t convert I’m just throwing out some number that I remember that may or may not have been given at the same time.

It took us some time to get from the airport (in Douala) to Buea. Along the way we were stopped by some police at a roadblock and they hassled the driver (a friend of our host) about his car’s yearly registration.

Our host’s house is large and has many rooms. There is glass on the windows and locks on each door. It seems very secure. There arn’t any mosquito nets, but I only saw three bugs in our room and none were mosquitoes. I will try and post pictures but the internet connection here is very slow and I may have to wait untill we return to the states before posting pictures.

One of the aid workers staying with us, Adam, is an undergraduate university student in England. He will be a 4th year when school starts up again and he is here doing research for his dissertation on creating clean water supplies by preventive methods.

The variation of speed across websites is very interesting here. It seems that facebook.com is doing a really good job of being global, they have the fastest loading times I have seen, even images appear quickly. Google seems to be doing a horrible job, their loading speed is even slower than my own server (parked over at MIT).

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